access control

File system differences

The FolderShare filesystem used by SeedMeLab differs from POSIX filesystem used by Linux et al, hence there are few limitations. Although, these limitations are not unique to SeedMeLab, as these also exist in other cloud services.

  • Simpler access controls: File/Folder sharing is only supported from top level. All child files/folders inherit same access permission as their top level parent folder. Although, you can create multiple top-level folders and share them with any number of users with different access permissions. This access controls method provides transparency and easy discovery.
  • Groups: Groups are not supported. You may share any top level file/folder with any number of users. Not using groups enables faster performance by eliminating group management overhead, extra book keeping and reduces user interface complexity.
  • Dates: Folder and files are assigned dates when they are created and uploaded respectively, so they do not inherit dates from source files/folders.


Website Restrictions: This website has a few restrictions

  • File uploads are limited to 2GB and 1000 files at a time.
  • Self registration for new users is restricted to UCSD and SDSC email address. Other user may request an account by contacting site administrator.